Suzanne Jackson


Find Your True Voice

Suzanne Jackson helps people find their true voice through music, yoga and meditation. She spent 25 years on stage at the Kennedy Center as a resident artist with the Washington National Opera, received her Masters Degree in Voice Performance from The University of Maryland and teaches her unique method of conscious singing entitled YogaSing ™ to artists around the country. Her clients have graced stages of the world’s leading opera houses including the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, ‘The Voice’ and and most recently, the recording studios of Atlantic Records.

Suzanne is a wonderful role model and a true leader in her field.

Suzanne’s teaching has brought me to a much higher understanding of myself and my art. She helped me find my true voice.

As a parent I've seen Suzanne's deep reverence and service to my daughter's heart. Tenderly, joyfully, and with great clarity, Suzanne has nurtured and stoked the fires of my daughter's creativity and her profound love of singing.

YogaSing Teacher Training was a transformational experience, there seemed to be an epiphany around every corner!

You won’t just listen to Shunia with your ears, you will embrace the songs with your entire body.

Study With Suzanne

Whether your goals are personal, professional or unknown, Suzanne Jackson designs a coaching program to meet your specific needs.

Mentor Program

Add a new dimension to your singing and teaching career by becoming a YogaSingTM Certified teacher.


Suzanne is committed to helping every child discover and nourish their true voice and home within. One way she shares this message is through her children's book and musical Penny the Piano.


After 25 years as a resident artist with the Washington National Opera, Suzanne has transitioned to kirtan and chant music. Her new album Shunia brings in this new dimension.